This section only comes down to one question: to play, or not to play In recent times, integrated video systems have proven to be more than sufficient for average use, such as video or DVD playback . One of the motherboards mentioned above has an integrated solution due to the capacity of the Core i3 processor, but the AMD option requires an additional video card. If they have come to the conclusion that embedded video is sufficient, they will be able to find embedded video alternatives for AMD both from AsRock and from other manufacturers. Of course, games are a powerful influence, and an additional video solution is required to enjoy them decently. Nvidia and ATIthey rule this universe, with their GeForce and Radeon respectively. You don’t really need to have the latest of the latest to be able to access very graphically rich games. For example, we have found a Radeon HD 4670 of 512 MB or 1 GB GDDR3 (65-75 €), or the HD 5670 for a few euros more. On the Nvidia side, a GeForce GT 2401GB (75-85 €) remains a very decent option. On which chip to choose, well, this is more or less like the case of the processor, although the difference lies more in which chip is preferred by certain games. There will always be titles that work better on one chip than the other. The video card market is one of the healthiest in terms of competition. You have a lot to see and choose from, so the information and benchmarks published in specialized sites will be key to determining which board you should install in your computer.

Let the high-end stay there: You can really enjoy gaming with mid-range boards

When talking about screens, I think personally I have already seen it all. From people who buy a 23-inch LCD screen and use it in 1024 × 768 because they “see nothing” , to those who refuse to buy an LCD because they insist that tube monitors “look better . ” So, if you still have a 17-inch or 19-inch “barrel” , and you’re happy with it, we can’t honestly say “throw it away and buy an LCD.”, beyond some obvious improvements such as reduced space and energy consumption. Now, if the idea is to buy an LCD monitor, you should not go below 17 inches. I have had good experiences with Samsung and LG displays, although we cannot neglect other renowned companies such as Phillips. The bottom line here is that you try to have your own “viewing experience” with the LCD monitor. A very, very stupid thing that some stores do is expose LCD monitors while they are off . If you haven’t seen it work before, ask for a demo, and if they refuse, just don’t buy . Another important thing to do is ask about the “dead pixels” policy.. Dead pixels can appear as a simple fad, and while there are stores that demand a minimum in the number of pixels to replace them, others make the change directly.

We are going to make the conclusion in estimated numbers: 100 (AMD CPU) + 55 (AsRock) + 67 (2 Gb Kingston) + 55 (500 GB WD) + 20 (optical) + 80 (source) + 70 (video) = € 477 , as long as you have a screen and case. In the Intel configuration you should add € 40 for the difference between CPU and motherboard, but in case you do not need the extra video, you can deduct about € 70 from the budget. Still, we think they are accessible settingswith a very appreciable performance in any case that you decide to carry out a general platform update. Obviously, we cannot forget things like the screen (if necessary) and the case (if you decide to replace it or do not have one) in addition to the classic additional details such as the keyboard, mouse and speakers. What do we regret about all this? That prices are not constant and stable. There are regions of the globe where you pay significantly more for a piece of hardware, and nothing is stopping these estimated prices from changing next week. However, this helps us to break down the myth that a super-machine is needed for balanced performance.. Nuclear reactors are always in demand for specific applications or poorly optimized games (read Crysis) . Find out, consult, read, and above all, search . Forums, benchmarks, analysis, reviews, everything works. And as I said at the beginning, the best of all will be that it was you who decided the configuration.

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